About Us

„The most beautiful corporate concept, abundant capital, sufficient financing options are of no use if it is not possible to use the right people in the right place. Everything depends on their competence and their motivation in the end.“

This quote from Rudolf v. Bennigsen-Foerder (former CEO of VEBA AG) sums up the objective of our work since 1990. After that, together with our customers, we systematically align all projects.

Managing Directors

Dipl.-Psych. Elfriede Hillejan

Co-founder of S H R, many years of HR work, amongst others

  • Deutschen Lufthansa AG, Köln
  • Kienbaum Personalberatung, Gummersbach
  • Süddeutscher Verlag, München

from the beginning (1990) Managing Partner of S H R responsible for HR Development

Dr. Ulrich Hillejan

Shareholder of S H R, many years of consulting experience, amongst others

  • BSM, Düsseldorf
  • Fraser Unternehmensberatung, Essen
  • Treuhandanstalt, Berlin

since 1995 Managing Partner of S H R responsible for Organizational Development


SHR senior consultants have 10 years of consulting experience from various industries. Basically they take over the project management and the responsibility for the compliance with the project contents coordinated with our customers.

All SHR consultants have a university degree. Most of them have successfully completed courses of study with a commercial, psychological and / or information technology background.


what we do

The SHR consistently deals with:

  • the creation of optimal forms of organization („right place“),
  • the development and implementation of appropriate processes (process / process optimization),
  • In-house selection and assessment of executives („right people“).

We consider the field of enterprise development as a continuous reconciliation of evolved structures (retaining and developing positive strengths) and personal development of people in the company (identifying and expanding employee potential) to the changing needs of the business environment.


Against this background, the services of SHR can be described by the following characteristics:

  • consistently implementation-oriented
  • oriented towards the abilities and roles of people in the company
  • oriented to the wishes of corporate customers
  • innovative
  • critical with regard to the unreflected adoption of the latest corporate philosophies
  • the greatest possible reduction of complexity
  • creating transparent and clear structures and processes
  • Clear time planning and coordination of the project content


No projct is like the other. As a result, there is no standard approach to SHR. It is important for us to have a clear coordination with our customers and to define the project contents and the timeline of the project as precisely as possible.


In personnel assessment seminars and / or the implementation of assessment centers, the clarification of the requirement profile from the customer’s point of view and SHR view is particularly important.


For projects where multiple SHR consultants and customer representatives may be working together (for example, company-wide restructuring), a clear timeline and the appointment of project officers, both on the customer and consultant side, is usually a prerequisite for success.


The methods used in our project work are not in the foreground. They are means to achieve a specific purpose. It’s not the beauty of the method that counts, but the benefits that can be achieved with their help.


In our previous work we have successfully used the following methods:

  • Communication analysis based on matrices
  • overheads analysis
  • Process Modeling / Process Simulation
  • Business simulations
  • moderation techniques
  • computerized assessment procedures

Cooperation with our clients

Team work promotes quality and acceptance!

Skills of our clients

  • specialist / expert knowledge
  • practical knowledge
  • motivation
  • ability to execute

Skills of SHR

  • methodology / expertise
  • neutrality
  • industry knowledge
  • ability to get through
  • coach

Results by team work

  • shared proposals
  • practical implementation
  • hardly any friction losses
  • high acceptance of change processes

project examples


Holthausener Str. 19
D-46342 Velen

Phone: (0 28 63) 9 51 34
Fax: (0 28 63) 68 07

E-Mail: SHR@S-H-R.de
Web: www.s-h-r.de

We look forward to your visit in the Westphalian park landscape.